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March Marathon Madness

For many of the ladies of SCE this 2013, the month of March is the month of Marathons.  At least four of our speedy ladies will be toeing the lines at two different Marathon events this March: Napa Valley Marathon on 3/3 and LA Marathon on 3/17.


Kim and Meg at Whale 2 Whale during Marathon Training!
Leslie and Sam at Kaiser Half Marathon in SF during Marathon Training!

At Napa Valley, Samantha Forde, Leslie Haverstock and Kim Thomas will be giving it their all on Sunday, March 3, representing their hard months of training and SCE in beautiful wine country.  This isn’t the first (nor last) marathon for any of these ladies, but for Leslie, its her first time running Napa, and the Napa Valley Marathon took note of this and her incredible life and running outlook, and featured her in their latest press release:


“NVM entrant Leslie Haverstock (38, Santa Cruz, Calif.) is a veteran Special Education teacher of 16 years for the Santa Clara County Office of Education. Her students are six to eight years old.

“I run because I can,” Haverstock said. “My students have severe physical and cognitive disabilities. They would love to know how it feels to walk let alone run.”

Haverstock says she ran in high school, and a bit in college, but didn’t start running faithfully until 2004 when she set her sights on the Chicago Marathon. She dedicated that first marathon to Alex, one of her students who diligently checked in with her about her progress every Monday after her long weekend training runs. “Someday, I’m going to run a marathon, too,” Alex told his teacher. He subsequently participated in several 5K races in a motorized wheelchair before passing away.

Haverstock has now participated in numerous marathons, at least one per year. She continued: “When I think the training gets hard, or something hurts, I look at my students. They were not given strong limbs and the abilities to move about freely. Why would I take it for granted or complain that I had to go run? For these reasons, I run because I can. I’m very blessed.””

It’s a good reminder to not take for granted the ability to run, and to be thankful everyday that we can put one foot down after another — and not get down on ourselves after a tough run or workout.  With that in mind, and knowing that they can run (and run pretty darn fast), we look forward to seeing Sam, Leslie and Kim do at NVM (rumor has it they’ve been training hard!) and reporting back in just a few short weeks!

Then on 3/17, Meg Gudgeirsson will be heading south to LA to run her 3rd marathon (2nd in 4 months).  She’s been racking up the miles, and doing lots of speed work this past training cycle.  She’s been definitely taking advantage of her ability to run this 2013 (and has run at least a few miles every day so far this year!!!) and its going to be really exciting to watch all of her hard work come to fruition!

With all this marathon madness and the 2013 racing season getting started, that means that there are plenty of runs going on – races, training and fun runs.  In light of the Napa Valley Marathon press release featuring Leslie and her incredible outlook on running, we leave you with the following challenge:

Before your next tough run (either a speed workout, a long run or one you just don’t really want to do), remind yourself that you are blessed to be able to run.  And then, make that run a good one — no matter what else is going on — because all that really matters is that you can run, and not everyone can say that.


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